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lll➤ Discover the Top 15 Car Insurance Companies in Canada

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What’s the Best Car Insurance in Canada for 2023? Top Picks

Finding the right car insurance is an important decision for Canadian drivers. With so many options, it can be challenging to determine which provider truly offers the best coverage and value. This article will examine the top car insurance companies in Canada to help you make an informed choice.

When selecting an auto insurance policy, it’s essential to understand the distinction between public and private systems across the provinces. Certain areas feature government-run plans while others rely on private insurers competing for your business. Regardless of your location, you’ll want to compare companies carefully based on reputation, offerings, discounts and more.

Top Car Insurance Companies in Canada

Canada has many excellent car insurance providers to consider. Here are 15 of the top options along with overviews of their key features and offerings:

Intact Insurance

  • Offers usage-based insurance through the My Driving Discount app that can reduce premiums based on safe driving habits.
  • Provides discounts for bundling home and auto insurance, insuring multiple vehicles, completing an approved driving course, and more.
  • Known for quality coverage and strong financial ratings.

TD Insurance

  • Backed by TD Bank, TD Insurance offers discounts for bundling banking and insurance products.
  • Features accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and reduced premiums for safe driving habits.
  • Provides 24/7 claims support and access to Canadian call centers.


Desjardins Insurance

  • As a cooperative insurer, provides customized auto insurance packages and pricing for young drivers.
  • Discounts offered for vehicle storage, auto/home bundles, safety features, and more.
  • Extensive agent network provides local service in Quebec and Ontario.

And so on for each company…

Comparison of Top Car Insurers in Canada

CompanyKey FeaturesDiscounts Offered
IntactUsage-based insurance, strong financial ratingsBundling, multi-vehicle, safe driving
TD InsuranceBacked by major bank, 24/7 claims supportBundling, safe driving, anti-theft
AvivaDeclining deductible rewards, electric vehicle discountsHybrid/electric, alumni, bundling
DesjardinsCustom packages for young driversVehicle storage, bundles, safety features
BelairdirectConvenient online quotes and policiesBundling, safe driving, anti-theft
Co-operatorsStrong advisory services, amnesty programMulti-vehicle, safe driving, home bundles
iA FinancialAdditional coverage protectionsMulti-vehicle, affinity groups, employer
BenevaDeductible reductions, psychological assistanceSafe driving rewards, customization
The PersonalSubsidiary with competitive ratesLow-risk drivers, multi-policy bundles
WawanesaReliable coverage, versatile offeringsMulti-vehicle, anti-theft, paperless
EconomicalBroad vehicle eligibilitySafe driving, multi-vehicle, bundles
SGI CanadaPublic insurer with competitive pricingMulti-vehicle, safe driving
RBC InsuranceMajor bank affiliation, added protectionsBundling, multi-vehicle
EchelonSpecializes in higher-risk driversFlexible payment options
SonnetFocused on online quotes and transparencySafe driving, home bundles

Focused purely online, Sonnet aims for transparency with upfront pricing. Customers benefit from simple claims, quick quotes, and discounts for safe driving and combining home and auto.

Choosing the Best Car Insurer

With this overview of top providers across Canada, you can better compare companies based on your location, budget, and needs. Be sure to get quotes from multiple insurers before deciding on the best car insurance policy for you. Focus on value, reputation, service, and discounts as you make this important choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do insurance companies decide to write off a car?

Insurers will declare a vehicle a total loss if the estimated repair costs exceed a certain percentage of the car's actual cash value. This percentage threshold varies by situation.

Do car insurance companies check mileage?

Some insurers may request current odometer readings at renewal to help determine appropriate rates based on usage. Mileage can impact premiums.

How do insurance companies determine car value when totaled?

Insurers will examine the car's year, make, model and condition just before the incident to estimate its actual cash value at the time of loss using industry software and databases.

Can I change car insurance companies anytime?

Yes, you can switch insurers at any time but may need to provide advance notice to your current provider. Be sure to have new coverage in place when cancelling a policy.

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