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▷ Best Free VPNs for Your iPhone in 2023

Best Free VPNs for Your iPhone

atively secure, it is vulnerable to malware and cyber attacks. Using a VPN is one of the best ways to keep your iPhone safe. If you don’t want to spend money on a VPN, there are a few good free VPNs for iPhone.

After reviewing loads of VPNs and conducting tests, we have compiled a list of the eight best VPNs for iPhone:

  1. ProtonVPN – The Best All-rounder VPN for iPhone
  2. Windscribe : The Best Free VPN for iPhone Streaming
  3. AtlasVPN : The most secure free VPN for iPhone
  4. Avira Phantom VPN : Best Free VPN for iPhone with Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

prove the privacy and security of your iPhone over the years. Since the introduction of iOS 14.5, apps ask users for permission to track their online activities. And with the update to iOS 15, Apple introduced Private Relay, which hides your IP address . Despite these security measures, it is essential to use a VPN when using an iPhone to protect our data and digital identity.

While we typically recommend using a premium VPN such as NordVPN, we understand that not everyone wants to spend a few bucks on a VPN service each month . Luckily, there are plenty of free iPhone VPNs out there. However, not all of these free VPNs are reliable and secure.

We have analyzed a group of free VPNs for iPhone to bring out this article highlighting the really best of them all.

Best Free VPNs for iPhone: Summary

Here you will find a simple table with the data limits, number of servers and encryption levels of all the VPNs that we have reviewed in this article. This will allow you to identify the free VPN for iPhone that best suits your needs at a glance.

Out of all the free VPNs we have tested, ProtonVPN is arguably the best free VPN for iPhone and iOS devices due to its speed and data security. If you prefer a VPN with a larger server network, then Speedify is a great choice. Below you will find a breakdown of each VPN listed in the table.

Note: The speed and bandwidth tests below were performed on an Internet connection with base download and upload speeds of 84.1 Mbps and 70.9 Mbps, respectively, without a VPN.

1. ProtonVPN: Best Free VPN for iPhone

hind ProtonMail. In fact, you can get a free version of ProtonMail, along with a variety of other free Proton services, alongside your free ProtonVPN plan if you want it. This free VPN service provides unlimited data and fast download speeds . Its usability makes it our top pick for iPhone users.

Speed and bandwidth

ProtonVPN is the third fastest VPN on our list . It recorded the following speeds when connected to the most optimal server (in our case, Japan):

  • Download: 72.3Mbps
  • Upload: 14.1Mbps
  • Ping: 158

Thanks to its high download speeds, ProtonVPN can be used to watch videos and live sporting events . The free version of ProtonVPN does not support torrenting and P2P file sharing.

Our browsing experience using this free VPN app was pleasant with no lag. Although ProtonVPN can unblock content from leading streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, there is no guarantee that it will work every time you use its free version. This is one of the downsides of this VPN.

Another minor downside is ProtonVPN’s relatively small server network . Free users have access to only 17 servers in three countries (USA, Japan and the Netherlands). While the network is clearly limited, the servers are in popular locations and reasonably spread out. You should be able to connect to a server that is reasonably close to your location.

security and privacy

ProtonVPN really shines when it comes to security. Their encryption protocols and standards are comparable to some of the leading premium VPN providers. Key security features of ProtonVPN include:

  • Encryption: AES 256-bit
  • Protocols: Wireguard, OpenVPN and IKEv2
  • Emergency button: yes
  • DNS leak protection: Yes

ProtonVPN’s security credentials are underpinned by the fact that it is open source and independently audited . It is easily one of the best free VPNs in the world right now.

When it comes to privacy, Proton gets it right, too. He has a strict no-logs policy and is based in Switzerland, a privacy-friendly nation that is not a member of surveillance alliances such as the 5/9/14 eyes .

Usability and user experience

The Proton website is well designed. You can see all the key features of the VPN, as well as pricing information. Although not particularly attractive, the VPN app is a breeze to use with a large connect/disconnect button in the center of the bottom tab. You can view available servers with the click of a button.

If you run into any issues while using the ProtonVPN app, you can contact their support team. Free users can only contact customer support via email. Live chat is not available. While we did get a response to our email questions, it took a couple of days , which is not ideal.

2. Windscribe: The Best Free VPN for iPhone Streaming

Windscribe VPN service was launched in 2015. The main advantage of this VPN for iPhone users is that it offers a large network of servers.

speed and bandwidth

Windscrible performed well during our speed tests. Although it is not the fastest free VPN for iPhone, it does not drag either. The speed records are as follows:

  • Download: 67.8Mbps
  • Upload: 45.3Mbps
  • Ping: 340

These download and upload speeds are good enough for browsing and checking email , but not great for streaming, and certainly not great for gaming. This is disappointing as Windscribe is one of the few free VPNs that can access Netflix America and unblock other streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer , Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. Although Windscribe supports P2P, its low data limit makes it virtually impossible to take full advantage of this feature.

Windscribe’s data limit also limits the ability to consume content. It offers 2 GB per month to users of the free version. You can increase them up to 10 GB per month by confirming your email address. If it had a data limit of more than 2 GB, Windscribe would have ranked higher on our list, giving free users access to servers in 10 countries.

security and privacy

Windscribe is one of the most secure free iPhone VPNs. The security features of this VPN include:

  • Encryption: AES-256 bit
  • Protocols: IKEv2, OpenVPN, Stealth and WSTunnel
  • Kill button: No (but has an in-app firewall for Windows and Mac)
  • DNS leak protection: Yes

Windscribe also has an ad blocker as well as a secure hotspot functionality for further protection of its users. Its strict no-logs policy complements its other security features. The app only stores usage statistics, such as the time and duration of usage. It does not record IP addresses or other potentially revealing information.

Usability and user experience

The design of the Windscribe website and app is a bit disappointing . The web, while informative, is not easy to navigate. Similarly, the app is not intuitive and takes some getting used to. While connecting and disconnecting the VPN is simple thanks to the large on/off button, accessing other features and settings can be a bit tricky.

Despite the lackluster user interface, Windscribe is one of the most user-friendly iPhone VPNs out there. It has a detailed section of frequently asked questions and guides that help you solve any problem you may encounter. You can even chat with a bot to find solutions to problems you have.

3. AtlasVPN – Secure Free VPN for iPhone and iOS Devices

sion of this VPN has some advanced features like WireGuard.

speed and bandwidth

AtlasVPN recorded one of the fastest download speeds of all the free iPhone VPNs we tested. While AtlasVPN advertises that it does not have any speed limits for free version users, the upload speeds it provided were not that fast, as you can see below:

  • Download: 72.7Mbps
  • Upload: 8.95Mbps
  • Ping: 206

Because of this, AtlasVPN is not a great option for anything that requires high upload speeds, such as online gaming. However, it’s a solid pick for browsing and streaming . It offers 2 GB of data per day , which is enough to watch a couple of episodes in HD on your favorite streaming platform, such as Hulu, ESPN or Netflix. Please note that AtlasVPN does not unblock Netflix America. While this VPN does support P2P sharing, its low upload speed makes it unsuitable for that purpose.

security and privacy

AtlasVPN offers the same security features in its free and paid versions. As a result, the free version brings industry standard security features such as:

  • Encryption: AES-256 bit
  • Protocols: IKEv2 and WireGuard
  • Emergency button: yes
  • DNS leak protection: Yes

AtlasVPN has a strong no-logs policy . It only collects the information necessary for analytics, and does not collect or store any information that can be traced back to a specific user. Still, AtlasVPN operates from the US, so it may be required to provide user data to security agencies, such as the FBI.

Usability and user experience

AtlasVPN’s website is well designed and easy to use. You can easily download the application from its website. The app has a simple interface with a large slider that turns the VPN connection on or off. The settings menu and alternate server locations are also easily accessible.

While the AtlasVPN website has helpful guides and FAQs, we couldn’t find a live chat . Instead there is the option to submit a request that requires you to provide your email address and describe the problem you encountered.

4. Avira Phantom VPN: Best Free VPN for iPhone with Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

Avira Phantom VPN is a product of the same German security company behind the popular Avira antivirus . This is one of the few free iPhone VPNs that offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

speed and bandwidth

Avira’s reputation for providing efficient and effective antivirus protection carries over well to its VPN. It recorded excellent speeds during our test :

  • Download: 70.8Mbps
  • Upload: 72.7Mbps
  • Ping: 8 ms

With those speeds and such low ping, Avira is a fantastic all-rounder VPN. You can use it for gaming, watching videos and browsing. However, its usefulness for streaming, gaming, and torrenting is negated by its 500 MB per day bandwidth limit . While you can get an extra 500MB by signing up with your email address, it’s still not enough for data-intensive activities.

The data cap is particularly frustrating when you consider that Avira offers servers in 30 countries . If the bandwidth limit was higher, this would have been a great VPN for exploring different streaming platforms.

security and privacy

Avira makes no compromises when it comes to the security and privacy of its users. Some notable security features of this VPN are:

  • Encryption: AES-256 bit
  • Protocols: IKEv2 and WireGuard
  • Emergency button: No
  • DNS leak protection: Yes

Other useful security features are DNS leak protection and the fact that you get a virtual IP address. Avira’s website says that they do not track or store any information that can be traced back to a particular user. They only measure how much traffic you consume and collect some data for diagnostics.

Usability and user experience

The Avira Phantom website and app are both designed to be intuitive . They can be used without problems, even by beginners. The app’s home screen displays a huge connect button next to the data you’ve consumed and the server you’ve connected to.

The free version of Avira Phantom does not have live customer support . Although you can send them an email or send them a request, there is no way for free users to get immediate solutions to their problems.

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