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CroxyProxy, the safest Proxy to unblock websites

There is a very advanced and secure web proxy to use with the Chrome browser called CroxyProxy and it is also free.

Thanks to a proxy like this, you will be able to access any blocked web page without any problems and enjoy its content.

In addition, you have the advantage that you can use it as an extension or complement to your usual browser and navigate between your favorites without problems.

With CroxyProxy you will browse anonymously , hiding your real IP address and you will be able to access websites, YouTube channels or social networks without problems.

You can use this web proxy service in two different ways, from its own web page or as a Google Chrome browser extension.

Keep reading this article because I am going to explain, step by step and in detail, how to use it in both ways.

✅ Unblock and access blocked websites
✅ It’s a totally free web proxy
✅ Can be used as a Google Chrome plugin

WHAT IS A Proxy?

It is something that I already explained to you in great detail when I published the tutorial to use a proxy connection in Windows 10 .

But I’ll give you a brief overview to give you an idea of ​​what a web proxy is and what you can do using services like CroxyProxy .

At its most basic, a proxy is a server that stands between your computer and the internet server you want to visit to hide your IP.

If you want me to give you an example, when you use a proxy in your connection and you type a web address, you first connect to the proxy and it takes you to the web address.

In this way, your real IP is hidden behind the proxy IP, allowing you to browse the Internet anonymously.

And thanks to this proxy, you will be able to access blocked or geographically restricted web pages .

In addition, you can watch streaming sports broadcasts that are blocked for your country.

If you already know how a web proxy works, now comes the best part of all, how you can use it yourself on your computer.


The simplest and easiest way to use CroxyProxy is to do it online, that is, from your own web page as if it were a proxy browser.

Web version of CroxyProxy browser
Web proxy

You will see that you have a search engine where you can enter the web address of the page you want to visit or use as a search engine.

To find out if CroxyProxy really works and is capable of hiding my real IP and allowing me to browse anonymously, I have done a test.

Basically it is about accessing a website to connect my IP address using the CroxyProxy search engine.

Real IP address hidden using CroxyProxy proxy browser
Fake IP Address

And it works, as you can see in the screenshot above, the website that detects your Real Ip believes that I am connecting from Germany and not from Spain as I am actually doing it.

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