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» Descargar: Enemies With Benefits – Roxie Noir PDF Español GRATIS

Descargar: Enemies With Benefits – Roxie Noir PDF Español GRATIS

Violet’s night takes a nosedive from bad to worse as she endures the worst date imaginable. To top it off, she unexpectedly crosses paths with her childhood arch-nemesis, Eli Loveless. Back in the day, Eli was her ultimate rival, and they clashed in every aspect of life. After graduation, she had hoped to never lay eyes on him again, but fate had other plans as he returns to town, and their encounters become increasingly frequent. Adding to the drama, Violet discovers on Monday morning that Eli now works at her workplace.

Roxie Noir – Enemies With Benefits epub

Their interactions at work are a constant clash of wills, but what makes it all the more complicated is that Violet is finding herself strangely attracted to him. The banter between these two rivals is laced with delicious sarcasm and uproarious humor. Eventually, they give in to the magnetic pull between them and decide to embark on a friends-with-benefits arrangement, even though they aren’t really friends. However, it doesn’t take long before emotions enter the picture. Their chemistry is scorching, and the slow-burn aspect of their relationship only heightens the tension, making it all the more satisfying when they succumb to their feelings.

Eli is an immensely likable character, and while I quickly warmed up to Violet, her behavior takes a darker turn as the story progresses. At times, she displays downright cruelty towards Eli, which I found somewhat jarring. However, Eli’s mother eventually reveals a secret that sheds light on Violet’s character, leading to a change in perspective.

«Enemies with Benefits» can be enjoyed as a standalone, serving as the captivating introduction to the Loveless Brothers series. While the main focus is on Violet and Eli, the supporting cast primarily consists of Eli’s brothers, sparking curiosity about their stories. This book is an enjoyable read packed with sizzling chemistry, making the Loveless Brothers series a new addition to my must-read list.

Enemies With Benefits Roxie Noir PDF

«Enemies With Benefits» marks the kickoff of the Loveless Brothers series, and it stands proudly on its own. It’s a treat for enthusiasts of scorching-hot, drama-light romantic comedies, and anyone who relishes the delicious journey from rivals to lovers. This book is a treasure trove of sibling banter, a workplace romance that simmers with intensity, all set against the backdrop of a charming and quirky small town. It’s a story that’s as steamy as it is hilarious, and it guarantees a satisfying happily-ever-after. And yes, it definitely sizzles!

Enemies With Benefits Roxie Noir PDF español

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