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▷ Download: Attitude is Everything PDF

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Attitude Is Everything covers multiple lessons on attitude. These storyshots will provide a concise outline of each lesson. These lessons relate to how you can harness the power of your attitude to reach your life goals. As humans, we tend to focus on the negatives in life. This negative outlook impacts those you complain to as well as your own beliefs and subsequent actions. This negative mindset and activity prevents you from reaching your goals.

Clic here ▷ Download: Attitude is Everything PDF : ▷ Download: Attitude is Everything PDF

StoryShot #1: Our Thoughts Drive Our Circumstances

The foundation of this book is the reality that our thoughts dominate and drive our circumstances. Your attitude toward your life and the people around you is your window to the world. If you think you can do something, then you can. If you think you can’t, then you can’t. You’re right either way, as your attitude will impact your outcomes. It’s the classic self-fulfilling prophecy. So try to change your attitude to one that is more positive. 

StoryShot #2: Your Attitude Is a Mental Filter

Keller defines attitude as the mental filter through which we experience the world. Some of us see the world through a filter of optimism, while others perceive the world through a filter of pessimism. Some people see the glass as half full and some as half empty. Keller believes you can control your attitude, so you should keep your view of the world clean and clear. 

To illustrate this point, Keller compares attitudes to windows. Your window is your perspective on the world. We all start with a clean window when we are young. But with age, our window gets covered in dirt from everything life throws at us: criticism, ridicule, rejection and disappointment. 

This dirt is what makes us doubt our capabilities. Doubt feeds negative attitudes. Our job is to keep our view of the world clean. In other words, try to keep a positive attitude. Use a filter of optimism instead of negativity. Instead of saying “I can’t,” you should be saying “I can.” Then, when your window is clean, you can finally see the world outside is full of positive opportunities

Final Summary and Review of Attitude is Everything

Your attitude has a significant impact on your likelihood of success in all parts of your life. Jeff Keller highlights that your thoughts, words and actions each have a unique impact on your success. In terms of thoughts, you should always flip negative thoughts into positive ones and visualize your success. Then use these positive thoughts to inspire positive responses and limit pointless complaining. Finally, start taking action so you can use failures as lessons and meet people who can help you in your journey.

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