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Soon to be a streaming series in Summer 2022!

Belly finds out what comes after falling in love in this follow-up to The Summer I Turned Pretty from the New York Times bestselling author of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (now a major motion picture!), Jenny Han.

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It used to be that Belly counted the days until summer, until she was back at Cousins Beach with Conrad and Jeremiah. But not this year. Not after Susannah got sick again and Conrad stopped caring. Everything that was right and good has fallen apart, leaving Belly wishing summer would never come. But when Jeremiah calls saying Conrad has disappeared, Belly knows what she must do to make things right again. And it can only happen back at the beach house, the three of them together, the way things used to be. If this summer really and truly is the last summer, it should end the way it started—at Cousins Beach.

It’s Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han PDF

It’s Not Summer Without You is a beautiful novel with a great story and impressive moral and social lessons for readers of all ages. ”Jenny Han” is the author of this beautiful novel. No one can beat the excellent ability of the author’s writing, whenever there is a talk about great novel writing. This author has a very clear idea of how to write a great story and engage the reader in a great environment. This novel reflects the great writing skills of the author. The characters of the novel are chosen very beautifully and executed in a tremendous way. Its story entertains readers of all ages and keeps them engage with unexpected twists and turns.

It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han

Once someone starts reading the novel, it is very hard to leave it without finishing, as its, each page keeps users on the edge of the seat. No matter what you like in fiction and novels, this beautiful novel knows how to generates interest for readers and fall them in love. To cut the story short, if you are a fan of great fiction, we highly recommend you bag this novel without wasting a bit of moment. If you are an occasional reader of his work, then we urge you to grab a copy asap.

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The story unfolds a year after the events in "The Summer I Turned Pretty," beginning with Belly daydreaming about the cherished moments at Cousins Beach with the Fishers. To her disappointment, she snaps back to reality, finding herself in her hometown surrounded by school friends. Belly and Conrad are no longer a couple, and her summer plans do not include a visit to Cousins. The absence of Susannah, who has passed away, casts a shadow over their lives. Despite maintaining contact with Conrad during the school year, their romance dissolved in May.

The narrative seamlessly weaves between the present and past, switching perspectives between narrators Jeremiah and Conrad. Through their eyes, readers gain insight into Susannah's death and its profound impact on their lives and relationships with Belly. At Susannah's funeral, a confrontation between Belly and Conrad reveals their strained connection. Following Susannah's death, Jeremiah informs Belly that Conrad is missing, prompting a road trip to find him before his mid-term exams.

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