En este momento estás viendo ▷ Download: Miss Independent: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Start – PDF

▷ Download: Miss Independent: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Start – PDF

Download: Miss Independent: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Start – PDF


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Wall Street Journal BESTSELLER

New York Times bestselling author of Rich Bitch and renowned money expert Nicole Lapin makes investing accessible and fun so women can make bank and become Miss Independent.

You’ve worked hard for your money and now it’s time for your money to work for you. You will never earn or budget your way into real wealth. Growing your money significantly doesn’t require starting with a lot of money. It requires a little bit of knowledge about taking smart risks and as much time as possible to take advantage of the glorious power of compound interest, which Einstein refers to as the eighth wonder of the world.

Clic aquí ▷ Download: Miss Independent: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Start – PDF : ▷ Download: Miss Independent: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Start – PDF

From automating your savings to easy, no-stress investing strategies, Nicole will teach you how to take your financial knowledge and portfolio to the next level and start you on your journey to your ultimate destination: true financial independence.

In Miss Independent, you will learn:

  • The freedom that wealth affords you, whether it’s the ability to leave a crappy job or significant other, go on the vacation of your dreams or otherwise live life on your own terms. 
  • The best method for establishing your “number”—the amount of wealth you want to accumulate before you retire—and getting it.
  • The meaning of the most common investing terms, like stocks and bonds, (and some more exotic ones like REITs or cryptocurrency) and how to make them work to your advantage.
  • The ins and outs of big financial decisions and concepts, like taking out a mortgage, owning investment properties, and buying life insurance.

Miss Independent takes the fear out of money management and investing once and for all. Using her own vulnerable stories and her signature conversational style, let Nicole show you all the different ways and paths that you can take to become financially free at last.


“I wish I’d had Nicole’s books earlier! She makes business and finance feel accessible but does it in a sassy, humorous way.”

Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic gold medalist

“What I love about Nicole is that you don’t need a dictionary to understand her advice. It’s crystal clear, straight up and spot-on.”

Alyssa Milano, actress, activist and founder of Touch by Alyssa Milano

“Lapin takes the mystery out of finance. She avoids off-putting conventional terms and empowers women to take control of their financial affairs.”

Success Magazine

“When someone calls you a ‘Rich Bitch,’ say ‘thank you,’”

Gloria Steinem, women’s rights icon

“A financial diet is like a regular diet: if you allow yourself small indulgences, you won’t binge later on. Nicole offers you a plan you can stick to.”

Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent

«Lapin’s unfiltered, energetic advice speaks to anyone taking aim at their own financial destiny.»

Mike Perlis, CEO of Forbes Media

«Nicole Lapin is singularly qualified to demystify money for the millennial set…with a no nonsense chic style. She is on a mission to help women get wise with money in Rich Bitch, the no-fuss personal finance guide.”

Elle Magazine

“A Financial Guru.”

Forbes Magazine

“’Nicole Lapin is someone you’d want to sit down with for a heart-to-heart.”

Real Simple

About the Author

America’s go-to money expert Nicole Lapin is the only finance expert you don’t need a dictionary to understand. She got her start in the business world at age eighteen, reporting from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for First Business Network. Nicole went on to become the youngest anchor ever at CNN and then to claim the same title at CNBC, where she anchored the only global finance show on the network, Worldwide Exchange, while contributing financial reports to MSNBC and Today.

She has served as a business anchor for Bloomberg TV and a special money correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. Nicole is currently the host of the business reality competition show Hatched on CBS and contributes regular financial reports to Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show, among others. She also co-hosts a podcast on iHeartradio with the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Jason Feifer, called Hush Money, which tackles taboo money topics.

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