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» Download: My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak PDF FREE

Download: My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak PDF FREE

If you’ve been on the lookout for something to fill the void left by «The Summer I Turned Pretty,» a compelling new Netflix drama might be the perfect addition to your watchlist. Adapted from Ali Novak’s eponymous novel, «My Life with the Walter Boys» unfolds a teenage love triangle when Jackie, suddenly orphaned, moves in with Katherine Walter, the late mother’s friend, and finds herself entangled in romantic relationships with two (!!) of Katherine’s 12 children.

My life with the walter boys book summary

Curious about the narrative in the «My Life with the Walter Boys» book? Here’s a synopsis of the 2014 novel, initially a popular Wattpad story that Novak penned when she was just 15.

A Heart-Wrenching Transition
High-schooler Jackie undergoes a tragic upheaval when she loses her parents and sister in a car accident, leading her to relocate from New York City to the Walters’ ranch in Colorado. Despite the childhood connection between Jackie’s mom and Katherine, the Walters remain strangers to Jackie.

As she attempts to settle into the vast family, Jackie faces various pranks and challenges. Initially at odds, Cole — a popular senior football player sidelined due to injury — and Jackie grow close, sharing a kiss during a truth-or-dare game.

Navigating a Love Triangle
Jackie’s time is split between Cole and Alex, Cole’s younger brother and a gamer nursing resentment towards Cole for seemingly stealing his girlfriend, Mary.

Eventually, Jackie and Alex embark on a relationship. However, during the eldest Walter son’s wedding, Alex overhears a confrontation between Jackie and Cole, where Jackie confesses she «can’t control [her] feelings» around him.

Jackie clarifies to Alex that he was the «safe» choice, a diversion from facing her emotions for Cole. Simultaneously, Alex acknowledges lingering feelings for Mary.

A Cordially Concluded Chapter
Jackie and Alex decide to part ways amicably, with Jackie planning to return to the Walters after a summer trip to New York. Katherine, an artist, immortalizes Jackie in a family mural, solidifying her position in the expansive clan.

An Ambiguous Ending?
On their way to the airport, Cole surprises Jackie with a kiss, revealing his true feelings. He regrets the mistiming of their connection, and Jackie suggests that «maybe it will be» when she returns.

My life with the walter brothers PDF

The ending leaves Jackie and Cole on good terms, while also leaving the door open for their story to continue — and according to Novak, that’s a genuine possibility. In a FAQ on her website, the author mentioned, «In the past I’ve said there won’t be a published sequel. However, this might change if a ‘Walter Boys’ TV show happens.»

Furthermore, in her Instagram announcement of the series, Novak hinted that Netflix has «picked up the first season of the show.» So, theoretically, more could be in store if the streaming platform chooses to further explore Jackie and Cole’s love story.

My life with the walter brothers wattpad

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