En este momento estás viendo ▷ Download: She stood by ME – book PDF

▷ Download: She stood by ME – book PDF

Download: She stood by ME – book PDF

Book Summary: 

She stood by me by Tarun Vikas so the novel starts on humour and wit and it remains for a good portion of the novel. A romance novel doesn’t necessarily have to be very serious and full of tragedies and tearful separations. Few other ways are practical and humorous and brave all of it.

Clic here ▷ Download: She stood by ME – book PDF : ▷ Download: She stood by ME – book PDF

Abhishek and Aparna are shy and young, preparing for engineering exams in Patna. Abhi lives there with his family, while Aparna is the paying guest. Therefore, they see and feel each other and meet. Over time they confess their feelings for each other. However, time is raw.

They are young, they have no understanding of the world, they have other capable family members to make decisions, the intricacies of higher studies and career – a lot of swamps await them.

Sub Theme and Mini Climax:

To get enough sub-themes and climax, one needs to read crime/murder/suspense and thriller novels. Well, in romance, people often see that mix very rarely. However, in this novel, I found sub-themes and short climaxes after every couple of pages, yes the stuff was full of wit and humour. Mini climaxes with multiple themes and unexpected twists and turns are here to make your heart romantic. The ending of the novel was wonderful.

Book Length:

Yes, it matters. I especially avoid books like ‘The Complete Works of This and That Great Writer’. Sorry, I’m not doing any research. I like to read books that are easy to finish. There are small chapters in this book. The author managed to end an interesting love story in just 179 pages.

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