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▷ Download: The Chief’s Chief – Mark Meadows PDF

Download: The Chief’s Chief – Mark Meadows PDF


Mark Meadows, the final Chief of Staff under President Donald J. Trump, tells the story of one of the most turbulent years in our nation’s history—from inside the Oval Office and the frontline on the war against Covid-19 to the campaign trail and its aftermath.

Download: The Chief’s Chief – Mark Meadows PDF
Clic ▷ Download: The Chief’s Chief – Mark Meadows PDF: ▷ Download: The Chief’s Chief – Mark Meadows PDF

When Mark Meadows took control of the Trump White House in March of 2020, the nation was in turmoil. A deadly coronavirus had arrived from Wuhan, China, and brought the rhythm of daily life under President Trump—defined by a soaring stock market, sinking unemployment rates, and a renewed sense of pride in being an American—to a grinding halt. Our streets were empty. Our hospitals were full. Millions of Americans were scared, lonely, and unemployed, all while the global economy teetered on the edge of collapse. One wrong move by President Trump and his team could have ushered in years, even decades, of irreparable harm.

In this frank, candid account of his ten months in the White House, Mark Meadows—known simply as “The Chief” around the West Wing—tells the harrowing story of how he and a close team of loyal advisors helped President Trump bring the country back from the brink of catastrophe. In a style that is accessible, suspenseful, and often humorous, Meadows pulls back the curtain on the West Wing as it was run by President Trump, fighting the false narrative of the Fake News with the hard, unvarnished truth.

This is the definitive book about the final year of President Trump’s first term, told by the only man (other than President Trump himself) who was there for every minute of it.

About the Author

Mark Meadows served as the chief of staff to President Donald Trump from March 2020 to January 2021. He represented North Carolina’s 11th congressional district from 2013 to 2020. In 2016, he was elected chairman of the Freedom Caucus. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Debbie.

Download: The Chief’s Chief – Mark Meadows PDF

Table of Contents

Prologue: «Hanging Around» 1

  • 1 Trending 11
  • 2 Trump Country 23
  • 3 The Fighter 33
  • 4 Questions 49
  • 5 Answers 63
  • 6 Lafayette Square 81
  • 7 Audience of One 105
  • 8 A Quick Confirmation 119
  • 9 Positive 147

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