En este momento estás viendo ▷ Download: These Impossible Things: A Novel – SALMA EL-WARDANY PDF

▷ Download: These Impossible Things: A Novel – SALMA EL-WARDANY PDF

Download: These Impossible Things: A Novel – SALMA EL-WARDANY PDF

A *Read With Jenna Today Show Book Club pick* and razor‑sharp debut novel of three best friends navigating love, sex, faith, and the one night that changes it all.It’s always been Malak, Kees, and Jenna against the world. Since childhood, under the watchful eyes of their parents, aunties and uncles, they’ve learned to live their own lives alongside the expectations of being good Muslim women. Staying over at a boyfriend’s place is disguised as a best friend’s sleepover, and tiredness can be blamed on studying instead of partying.

They know they’re existing in a perfect moment. With growing older and the stakes of love and life growing higher, the delicate balancing act between rebellion and religion is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate.

Download: These Impossible Things: A Novel – SALMA EL-WARDANY PDF
Clic Download: These Impossible Things: ▷ Download: These Impossible Things: A Novel – SALMA EL-WARDANY PDF


Malak wants the dream: for her partner, community, and faith to coexist happily, and she wants this so much she’s willing to break her own heart to get it. Kees is in love with Harry, a white Catholic man who her parents can never know about. When he proposes, she must decide between her future happiness and the life she knows and family she loves. Jenna is the life of the party, always ready for new pleasures, even though she’s plagued by a loneliness she can’t shake. Through it all, they have always had each other. But as their college years come to a close, one night changes everything when harsh truths are revealed.

As their lives begin to take different paths, Malak, Kees, and Jenna—now on the precipice of true adulthood—must find a way back to each other as they reconcile faith, family, and tradition with their own needs and desires. These Impossible Things is a paean to youth and female friendship—and to all the joy and messiness love holds.

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El-Wardany’s sparkling, incisive debut uses the conventions of romantic comedy to explore the social and personal tensions faced by young Muslim women in contemporary Britain.

In London in the early 2000s, three lifelong friends are about to graduate from university and have to make decisions about their professional and—more importantly, from this novel’s point of view—personal lives. Jenna, a medical student from a British Palestinian family, juggles boyfriends with an eye on finally marrying an appropriate Muslim until an assault leaves her depressed and willing to settle for someone she doesn’t truly love. Malak, whose family is Egyptian and who doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with her life, loves Jacob but breaks up with him because he isn’t Muslim and she knows her family will never approve.

Download: These Impossible Things

When she moves temporarily to Egypt, she meets Ali, a British Muslim who seems perfect at first but later reveals a cruel side. Bilquis, known as Kees, whose family is Pakistani and who’s in love with Catholic Harry, makes the opposite decision: She decides to stay with him and is shunned by her family.

The choices Malak and Kees make lead to their estrangement, with Jenna caught in the middle until a crisis reunites the three. While the novel’s male characters aren’t as well developed, often being either too good or evil to be believable, the three young women and their family members are complex and engaging, while the decisions they make, and often reconsider, are rooted in realistic cultural and emotional pressures.

While frothy and chatty, with witty dialogue and plenty of weddings and other gatherings that spark interactions among the characters, the book doesn’t shy away from more serious issues, including rape, domestic violence, and unwanted pregnancy.This novel is blessed by a light touch and evenhanded treatment of its two generations of characters.

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