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▷ Download: When Dimple Met Rishi book – PDF

Download: When Dimple Met Rishi book – PDF

Overall Summary

When Dimple Met Rishi (2017), a young adult novel by Sandhya Menon, is about the relationship between two teenagers of Indian heritage who attend a tech camp. The book was praised for its realistic and unique depiction of how second-generation teens react to their mixed cultures.

Dimple Shah is an 18-year-old girl who wants to go to Stanford. She plans on going there to build a career, but her parents want her to find an Indian husband while she’s at university. Her mother especially wants this and thinks Dimple should focus on finding a husband first because family comes before career in India.

Dimple wants to attend a summer program in San Francisco called Insomnia Con, but her parents are reluctant. They eventually agree and Dimple interprets this as an acknowledgment of her desire to pursue web development rather than the pressure for marriage.

Download: When Dimple Met Rishi book – PDF

Meanwhile, another Indian-American teen named Rishi is obedient to his parents and wants to follow their wishes. His parents want him to go to MIT for a successful career, which led him to give up on his passion of drawing comics. They also want him married off as soon as possible, so he’s agreed with them about attending Insomnia Con (a convention) in San Francisco where they plan on setting him up with someone who could be his future wife. However, when he meets Dimple at the coffee shop near San Francisco State University, she assumes that he’s hitting on her because they were set up by their parents together without telling either of them what was happening. This leads her to throw iced coffee in his face and run away from the scene.

Rishi approaches Dimple again and explains the situation to her. She realizes that her parents are trying to get them together, but she doesn’t want a romantic relationship with him. Rishi is understanding of this and tells her not to worry about it. Dimple then confronts her parents about their plan, telling them that she does not want a romance with Rishi. They tell her just to focus on the program because everything else will work out fine if they do well in school.

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