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Free Premium Blogger Templates 2023

Blogger Themes is a great way to customize your Blogger blog. With the 2023 Premium Blogger Templates , you can create your own website that suits your personality, taste or business. Blogger is an online community and blogging platform similar to popular blog content management system like WordPress, Drupal, Ghost, but Blogger allows you to look more professional by providing a community for bloggers to interact with each other. Blogger is a great tool as you can update your blogger whenever you want, so it gives you maximum flexibility.

Are Blogger templates perfect in 2023?

Blogger templates are very simple and easy to use, even in this new era. Premium Blogger Templates 2023 come in various categories and can be searched from BlogSpot platform or other search source like ThemeForest , ThemeXpose, TemplateMark, etc. These themes come with tons of best features and easy-to-use functionality and are perfect for technology, magazines and galleries. On this page, you will get several professional BlogSpot Templates according to the new age.

While Professional Blogger Templates provide a beautiful and elegant look to your Blogger blog. These templates come with a wide range of themes to help you customize the look of your blog. You can get a Blogger template in various formats including PSD, JPEG and PDF format. There are also other themes available such as light, dark and traditional themes.

What is Google’s Blogger.com platform?

If you are a BlogSpot user, you will be well aware of Blogger.com. The best thing about Blogger is that it’s completely free and has tons of useful services like the top free hosting provided by Google, which means you won’t have to worry about the speed of your website.

Another benefit is that you don’t need SEO plugins like WordPress, just install Blogger Themes and start publishing. There is a wide range of themes available in the Internet world and all you need to do is choose from them and start creating wonderful content. You can choose the design or theme for this page from the templates that come with the best functionality. These Blogger templates are SEO optimized and so your blog will rank well on Google and other search engines.

Why choose Blogger and BlogSpot templates?

It is one of the most exciting CMS platforms online. There are many blogs being created every day on Blogger and it is the second most popular blogging platform after WordPress. Unlike WordPress, it is a no-cost platform where you can create a great website and you don’t have to pay any money, except to buy the domain name.

Because the platform is run by Google, it is therefore extremely unique. Since you get security and trust from the most well-known Internet company. Bloggers are managed by Google and can be accessed through the subdomain blogspot.com.

If you want to buy a domain instead of having a subdomain, you can also do that and there are no restrictions as to how you can use the subdomain. You will also have all the functionality of a subdomain. However, it is best to use a domain that is owned by the customer (such as www.example.com) using DNS tools to redirect the domain server to Google’s server. This will benefit you over time and look professional.

Is the Blogger template fully optimized for SEO?

The templates for the Blogger.com platform are fully optimized for SEO, so that people looking for information on the Internet can find them easily. The code is also optimized and therefore works faster than Blogger templates that are not optimized for SEO. They are designed for optimal readability and therefore can be easily used by any user.

To learn more about Blogger themes, just visit the Premium Blogger Templates websites I mentioned above – you’ll get a complete list of the best Blogger themes and you’ll even find the opportunity to download them absolutely free! Then you can create beautiful content for your blogs using these Premium Blogger Templates. So, it is clear that BlogSpot templates are the best choice for online content management system. With Blogger templates, you won’t have any problems.

Download Free MagOne – Responsive News & Magazines Blogger Template v6.9.56

MagOne – Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template Free Download 6.9.56 – ThemeForest | MagOne v6.9.56 – Responsive News & Magazines Blogger Template (Last Updated on 12th April 2023) is more flexible and fully responsive mag style BlogSpot theme for BlogSpot websites. It has Drag and drop widget builder to build a mag styled website in just a minute.

It is trending theme having complete premium BlogSpot features like drop down menus, professional design, ajax search bar and much more… It has been build using latest advanced SEO optimized Techniques such as fast loading speed, fully responsive design for mobile devices and all other digital electronic devices.

This is advanced premium web design that is perfectly suits your all type of topics and niches etc.



Main Features:

  • Drag and Drop Widget Builder
  • Flexible Menu Navigation
  • Responsive
  • Multiple Comment Systems
  • Custom Archive Page Designs
  • Custom Post Title Design
  • Support Sub Post Title
  • Smart Breadcrumb
  • Widgets Ready
  • Post Pagination
  • Fully Template Designer
  • Template Options
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Support Service
  • And Much More…

Azon Store Ecommerce Blogger Template Free Download – Professional BlogSpot Themes | Azon Store Ecommerce – Premium Blogger Template is a professional online store that is packed with features may easily be created. A good conversion rate for all of your products can be ensured by utilizing features such as checkout on a single page.

Why Azon Store Ecommerce – Premium Blogger Template?

If you are thinking about opening an online business that sells products and has all of the advanced features and capabilities that a professional store or shop really ought to have, then you should read this.

You may highlight your premium products in a way that is organized and straightforward by using the product tabs widget that is available on the Amazon Store.

This ecommerce blogger template is compatible with any and all currencies that you could possibly think of, which is one of the many wonderful features of this design.

Premium Features:

  • Stylish
  • Quick to load
  • Online Shopping Store
  • Product post slider
  • WhatsApp button
  • Social Bookmark Ready
  • Add to Wishlist
  • COD
  • Breadcrumbs
  • SEO Ready
  • Ads Ready
  • Fast Loading
  • Online Store
  • Flash Sale
  • AMP (AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages)
  • 80+ products on homepage.

The following are some of the fundamental features that we have included in this Amazon store: “Add to Wishlist,” “Image product slider,” “Product Code,” “WhatsApp popup button for clients,” and “in stock” and “out of stock.”

According to your requirements, you can either increase or reduce the pace at which you discount your product. You even have the option of adding more ad slots for certain product categories.

You can offer a wide range of things by utilizing the Azon ecommerce blogger template. Some examples of these products include furniture, home appliances, electronics, and clothing. Cash on delivery (also known as COD) and direct bank transfer options are being added in response to user demand.

When building this business, we had a specific country in mind, and the shipping charges will adjust and adapt on their own according to the location of the customer’s city.

The ‘Ends in: counter’ that will appear on flash bargains will serve to draw attention to various products. In terms of its performance, AzonStore Template comes fully equipped with everything you require to quickly and easily set up a professional online store.

A vertical and horizontal category menu for products is included in the Azon store BlogSpot template.



Download Free ZeistManga – Blogspot Template for manga, comic site v4.0

ZeistManga Blogger Template Free Download v4.0 – Premiium Blogger Templates | ZeistManga v4.0 – Blogspot Template for manga, comic site is a comic theme designed specifically for the Blogger platform. As the name suggests, this theme is designed specifically for bloggers who enjoy sharing comics, but make no mistake, this template can also be used for novels. We’ll go over what labels are used for novels later. It is still not possible to use fanshare because the tag needs to be adjusted.

The ZeistManga Template for Blogger is the most comprehensive and up-to-date online comic reading Blogger Template. You can read thousands of comic collections, which are updated daily, for free.

This template is a unique comic theme designed for the Blogger platform. This theme, as the name suggests, is designed for bloggers who like to share comics, but don’t get me wrong, this template can also be used for Novels. It will be explained later what label the novel is given. It is still not possible to use fan-share; a tag adjustment is required.

The template is based on the EastManga theme. Although not the same, it appears to be a close match.

Sales Page


Features of ZeistManga Template:

  • Ultra Responsive
  • Newsletter Widget
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • ShareThis Share Button
  • Side Navigation
  • Sitemap Widget
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Contact Form Widget
  • Search Box
  • Featured Recent Post
  • Shortcodes
  • Sticky Widget
  • Fixed Menu on Mobile
  • Any More…

Median Ui Premium Blogger Template Free Download 1.6 – Jago Design | Median Ui Premium Blogger Template v1.6

Median UI Template is among the most SEO-friendly high-quality, AdSense easy, simple modern, and most unique features, the most fast Blogger templates of our moment. The dashboard UI style on median-UI blogger template looks amazing and unique, everybody will love it.

Why to choose Median Ui Blogger Template?

The most amazing features have been added to the Median Ui template. The theme is fully responsive to all Web devices and browsers.

Fast Loading

The performance of your site is an important factor when we design templates websites that perform well offer many advantages and are more likely to appear on the first page of results for search engines.

  • Less than 1 second load
  • Search engine optimization
  • Optimized for Speed

Easy to Customize

We’re working to improve this template so that it is more user-friendly to edit. Now you can change the color scheme using The blogger Theme Designer or the Layout menu.

  • Primary Color Options
  • SVG Icon
  • Custom Widgets

Median UI is built around the an idea of dashboard UI and is suggested for use on news sites, having a simple layout but with a good readability is an advantage for this template. The menu display is distinct from other templates, with a 3 column layout with the first column dedicated to navigation menus that is able to be reduced.


Flexible template sizes that work to any screen, and well-organized layouts maximize the performance of CSS

SEO Friendly

The template has been created SEO Friendly starting from the breadcrumbs which have been index by Google to markup schemas that are different from the others.

Easy Customize

It’s easy to alter the width, color, and color of the font via the Blogger Theme Designer including widget settings within the Layout menu.

Ads Optimize

AdSense ads that are ready to use are available in areas that have high click rates.

Fast Loading

Optimized by cutting down on template size, such by the compression process of CSS and JavaScript to speed up loading

Mobile First

With a focus on mobile devices The appearance is made contemporary and user-friendly

Cross Browser Compatible

Use different browsers such as Firefox, chrome and many more.

Sales Page


Changelog Median Ui Premium Blogger Template

Please visit its official website to view its full changelog

KumaStream – Streaming Anime Blogger Template Free Download 3.1 – Premium BlogSpot Templates | KumaStream v3.1 – Template Streaming Anime Blogger is ideal for those who are looking to build an anime streaming website. This template comes with numerous features that are perfect for those looking to discover AdSense or other sites for advertising. Utilize this template for your blog it will be incredibly grateful. It is also a an adaptive template for bloggers. You can therefore load your blog within the Anime Black template on any device with a screen size like tablet, phone, desktop, iPad, etc.

Why to choose KumaStream Blogger Template?

Kuma Stream It is fully functional and optimized to give you the ability to increase rankings without a lot of effort. It’s designed to perfection and is a tribute to the past images of anime backgrounds, rich color combinations as well as rich colorful headers, sidebars, a few animated flashy images and cartoon characters throughout the design of the blog and much other features. This theme for bloggers is created for anime-loving bloggers and content publishers. With the help of this theme you can build any kind of blogs that cover a range of categories like animation, animation, animation animated films and short films. film reviews, reviews of characters, celebrities and other.

KumaStream Anime Template Features

  • Receptive
  • Slide Show Home Page
  • Anime Info Auto Index by Label
  • Dark Mode
  • Recent blog post by Label
  • Lazy Load Image
  • Lazy Load YouTube
  • Auto indexing of Anime information auto-generated by label
  • Related Episodes of the Series
  • Grid Style and list style (switch button)
  • Related blog widgets or articles
  • Popular Post widget (hanya post dengan label series yang ditampilkan)
  • Genre Widget for Anime
  • Season Widget for Anime
  • Studio Anime widget
  • Episode list auto indexes by label
  • Ongoing/Movie Archive style
  • Menyembunyikan Episode post pada homepage, search query, archive & label search
  • Membedakan post series dan post streaming (auto by label)
  • Next Episode (auto by label)
  • Lighting On/Off for Video Streaming
  • Expand Video Stream
  • Page View Counter
  • DLL

Sales Page


Tokopedia Blogger Template Free Download – Blogger Templates | Tokopedia Blogger Template is the idea isn’t just an idle pipe dream any longer, you can create an online store that is similar to the massive marketplace Tokopedia. Your online store appears more professional and can make a significant amount of sales since the ordering process is straightforward without complex shopping carts.

The Tokopedia Blogger Template provides a stylish blog-based template for your online store that appears similar to Tokopedia which is why you can create as numerous BlogSpot online stores as you like, without any restrictions on licenses or limitations. You can also the ability to create an online shop using BlogSpot completely free of charge.

Why to choose Tokopedia Blogger Template?

Template is a modern theme with a futuristic look. If you’re in search of themes that are packed with features and features with a modern and contemporary style This is the best choice for you. It comes with a variety of amazing features that come with an array of widgets. The theme has a range of sections that allow you to display your content and demonstrate your talents.

It is ideal for freelancers, firms or small-sized companies, and for portfolio blogs that are on-page. It has a myriad of options to help you create high-quality blogs. The code’s error-free design allows for an extremely quick loading. It’s user-friendly and mobile-friendly. This theme is stunning and stylish. It aids in creating appealing blogs that allow you to convey the information in a way that is more suitable.


  • Responsive Web-Design
  • SEO Friendly (Meta Tag & Google Test)
  • Lazy Load / Fast Loading
  • Live Edit
  • Categorized Product + No.
  • Static Notification Button
  • Dynamic Menu
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Sorting of Products
  • Product Navigation
  • Gallery and Product Description
  • Direct Marketplace
  • Share Product
  • Price Discount
  • Sold-out Settings
  • 3 Benefits of shopping
  • Logo & Description + Social Media Footer Button
  • Store Address, Pay / Delivery Information, and the Contact keystrokes (Telephone, WhatsApp, E-mail) Footer
  • Copyright, Menu lines & Credit
  • More…



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