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▷ Looking for Alaska PDF

Looking for Alaska PDF

Looking for Alaska is American author John Green’s debut novel, published in March 2005 by Dutton Juvenile. Based on his time at Indian Springs School, Green wrote the novel as a result of his desire to create meaningful young adult fiction.

Looking for Alaska is narrated by a sixteen-year-old boy, Miles Halter, who leaves behind his mundane life in Florida to attend a boarding school called Culver Creek. He is inspired by biographies detailing the adventures of notable figures during their days at boarding school. Most of all, he is motivated by the notion of a “Great Perhaps”. Miles has a fascination with famous last words, and particularly with the last words of the poet Francois Rabelais: “I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” This consequently provides the driving force for Miles’s attempt to forge a new life.

Miles settles in quickly at Culver Creek and becomes good friends with his roommate, Chip, whose leadership and planning skills have earned him the nickname “the Colonel.” He also becomes infatuated with one of the Colonel’s close friends, Alaska, who is beautiful, flirtatious, and enigmatic. While Alaska finds Miles “cute,” she already has a boyfriend and therefore takes it upon herself to set Miles up with a girl named Lara. However, while Lara is sweet, Miles is much more drawn to Alaska.

As time passes, Alaska shows herself to be moody and emotionally volatile. Most frustratingly, she refuses to explain the reason for these mood shifts, though she makes cryptic references to her ineptitude and claims that she has no home. Miles becomes annoyed and tells Alaska that he sometimes struggles to understand her. Her response is that he has fallen in love with an idealized image and that he only likes her fun, vivacious side.

Alaska is intrigued by the concept of “the labyrinth,” as featured in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s The General in His Labyrinth. This book concerns the final days of the military leader Simon Bolivar, whose last words are cited as “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!” Alaska initially wonders whether the labyrinth refers to life or death, but she finally decides that it refers to suffering. In her eyes, life is characterized by suffering.

Alaska is prone to thinking about existential issues, and attending a class titled World Religions encourages Miles to muse upon similar topics. He is in awe of the teacher, Dr. Hyde, who prompts him to take religion seriously for the first time, and he takes a particular interest in Buddhist concepts. When the students are asked to formulate an essay topic, Miles chooses to address the question, “What happens to people after they die?” He initially has only vague ideas, and he feels that people cling to the idea of an afterlife due to fear of the alternative.

▷ Looking for Alaska PDF

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