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▷ What Oddbods (animated series) online

Oddbods (animated series) online

The Oddbods » is an animated television series created by One Animated (Singapore). It is based on the adventures of 7 characters with different unique personalities.

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Characters: Oddbods (animated series)

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  • Fuse (red Oddbod): He is the impetuous leader of the Oddbods. He can instantly change his calm demeanor to an enraged one, causing his friends to avoid him whenever he is in a bad mood, but admire his ‘heart of gold’. He is always willing to play sports, but only if he wins. He can become very competitive but teaches to modulate temperament and learn from mistakes.
  • Jeff (Purple Oddbod): He is finicky because he is able to create order in anything, with the admiration of his friends for his details, since he can detect extremely small dust particles and is very tidy. He is very talented in art and remembers people’s birthdays, however, he wishes he could act in a more relaxed manner. He proves that seeking perfection won’t always make you happy.
  • Bubbles (Yellow Oddbod): Energetically performs experiments with an obsession to discover interesting objects, such as bugs for UFOs. His friends like him because of his personality, though they don’t like being left out of his personal experiments. She is the most adventurous and sometimes she loses track of what is relevant in her life, however, she understands that unimportant details should not come between friends and family.
  • Newt (Pink Oddbod): She is addicted to sweets and her friends are inspired by her pleasant interaction with others, although she can be arrogant. She is curious because she always hangs out with her friends and often takes selfies with them. She is a ray of sunshine showing us that being kind to others helps improve our mood.
  • Pogo (Blue Oddbod): Does not follow common etiquette as he is dubbed the ‘ultimate prankster’. His friends like his practical jokes… if they’re not directed at them. Still, laughter and jokes rule Pogo’s heart and all he wants is for everyone around him to be happy.
  • Slick (Orange Oddbod): He likes to dance and tries to act like the cool person in the group. He has a lot of style and usually pretends to be someone he is not to please others, despite this, his greatest teaching is that you must be faithful to yourself.
  • Zee (Green Oddbod): He always takes naps, even while eating. Her laid back attitude serves as both a strength and a weakness when it comes to her friendship. He takes everything very calmly and teaches us to enjoy the simple things in life, but at the same time that we must take responsibility for our actions.

• They are colored: red orange yellow green blue pink purple

Other data

Release date: January 1, 2013 at 4am to 7am

End date: July 17, 2014 at 11.59 pm to 12.am

Seasons: 2

Number of Episodes: 299


Boomerang in Latin America

Disney XD in Brazil

Disney channel in Asia.

Teletoon in France.


Caracol Television in Colombia

Teletoon in Canada

Cartoon network Latin America and Brazil as a Cn + short and boomerang club.

TVN in Chile

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Oddbods Season 1

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