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Telegram has become one of the quintessential messaging applications along with WhatsApp , but Telegram has the advantage of offering many custom clients for the different devices it can run on. Another advantage is being able to use it even without a client installed, on any computer that has an internet connection and a browser , thanks to its cloud system we can have everything just as we left it . This is thanks to Telegram Web .

Telegram Web is a simple , light and very easy to access and use application, we simply go to web.telegram.org and enter the data to start the session, yes, the first time we must have our usual client to authenticate . The web version is so used that Telegram offers two new official clients, Telegram Web K and Web Z , in this guide we are going to show you the advantages and differences between the advanced versions of Telegram Web .

These two new web clients called Telegram Web K and Telegram Web Z were officially announced in April 2021 as the winners of a contest, it was decided to enable both to generate competition between them and thus keep updated and add more news to web clients. To enter we will only have to write webk.telegram.org or webz.telegram.org in the browser , but do not worry if you do not decide, we will see the advantages and differences between the two .

Shortcomings of the Web clients compared to the version for Mobile or PC

Any version of Telegram Web could perfectly replace our mobile or desktop client , but we would have to do without some options that, if you have never used another version of Telegram, you will surely not notice, but if you are used to chatting with your contacts from mobile or PC we will have to put aside some of the many that Telegram offers.

Neither of the two clients that we are going to see supports the Voice Chats function , from Telegram Web K or Z we cannot make calls or voice chats , either from a private conversation or the recently added group voice chats. If we regularly use this option, this is not your Telegram client.

Related to calls, the recent addition of video calls or group video calls is also not available . Just as voice calls are not available, video calls are not available either. For this we will have to use an official Telegram client for PC or Mobile.  

As for security options, Telegram Web Z or Web K does not allow us to make secret chats . A function that adds an extra layer of security to your conversations, here we have a guide on how to make these secret chats with your usual Telegram client.

Another function that we will not find in any of the Telegram Web clients is the multiple accounts function , if we use several Telegram accounts we cannot use them with Telegram Web Z or Web K.

Differences between Telegram Web Z and Web K

As we have mentioned before, Telegram has incorporated these two clients so that there is competition between them . This way they can stay more up-to-date by fixing bugs and adding new features, with healthy competition by way of competition. Telegram Web Z is ahead , if we access the original Telegram Web client, web.telegram.org , it will take us to the version that has more features implemented and has fixed more bugs, Telegram Web Z.

Removing the functions that we have mentioned previously and that are not available in any version of Telegram Web at the moment, there are other functions that are implemented with some deficiencies , this is where the difference between the Telegram Web K and Web Z clients lies .

group chat

In this section, Telegram Web Z or Telegram Web K does not yet have features such as Adding members to existing groups or Transfer of ownership of the group in which we are not the creators. But Telegram Web Z does have the following functions that Telegram Web K does not have, such as List of deleted users , Edit administrator privileges or manage the list of deleted users. On the contrary, Telegram Web K does allow adding users to groups while Telegram Web Z does not yet have this feature.


In the Telegram Channels, the Web K version does not have functions such as anchoring conversations or editing administrator permissions , nor does it allow editing the message signature. In this section, Telegram Web K does not have any advantages or features compared to Web Z. Neither of the two versions can still Invite with the new version of the links, Transfer ownership of the Channel or Add new administrators .


Bots are programs that allow us to perform certain functions on Telegram, for example, the @gif bot will search for us animated gifs related to the text that we add below. For these, the use of online Bots or the recently added Payments 2.0 is not available in either version. The Telegram Web K version has the commands available if we write / in the text box, while Web Z does not show them .

contact management

In this section , both lack the functions of searching for nearby people or adding contacts from the Contacts tab . In this section neither stands out compared to the other.


The folders are a very good option to classify the different groups, channels and private chats that we have, but unfortunately in the Telegram Web Z and Web K clients the option to Add chats to the folder from the list of chats is not available . Neither can you edit the folders or delete chats from the chat list, having to go into the configuration options to make these changes. However, if we have the folders configured in our desktop or mobile Telegram client, these chats will appear ordered as we had them.

Chats and Attachments

In attachment options, Telegram Web K has more features than Web Z. Thus we find the option of the improved multimedia player or the option to see the voice notes within the multimedia that we have sent. With the Web version K will also allow us to select several messages to copy them . An option that if you have Web Z that is not present in the Web K version is the possibility of Zooming in the photographs that we send. Even so, in this section the clear winner is Web K.

Stickers and Emojis

Telegram was the first chat client to adopt these cute new images as stickers, called by their English name, Stickers , which can even now be animated. Regarding this section, the Web Z version is capable of showing the original sender when we forward them and also allows us to view and edit the favorite stickers . On the contrary, Web K allows us to configure the Emoji suggestions , which we will not be able to with Web Z.


Regarding the privacy options, in Web Z we can configure group exceptions without finding this option in Web K. In the Web K client we can configure Telegram calls , but we will not have this possibility if we use Web Z. In none of cases we can delete the account, for this we have made a guide so that you can delete your Telegram account in a few simple steps .

Which Telegram Web client do I keep?

This is the question that we can ask ourselves after observing the characteristics that one client offers compared to the other. We have clearly seen how Telegram Web Z has more functions implemented , it is the most advanced client, although both are in Alpha version. More options implemented in many of the sections make Telegram Web Z the most complete client and it can perfectly replace our desktop or mobile Telegram client.

If you need to manage groups , with Telegram Web Z you can add privileges to other administrators , or manage the list of deleted users. But remember that with Telegram Web Z you will not be able to add users to groups .

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