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▷ Download PDF book: Twisted love – Ana Huang

Twisted love pdf download


He has a heart of ice…but for her, he’d burn the world.

Alex Volkov is a devil blessed with the face of an angel and cursed with a past he can’t escape.

Driven by a tragedy that has haunted him for most of his life, his ruthless pursuits for success and vengeance leave little room for matters of the heart.

But when he’s forced to look after his best friend’s sister, he starts to feel something in his chest:

A crack.
A melt.
A fire that could end his world as he knew it.


Ava Chen is a free spirit trapped by nightmares of a childhood she can’t remember.

But despite her broken past, she’s never stopped seeing the beauty in the world…including the heart beneath the icy exterior of a man she shouldn’t want.

Her brother’s best friend.
Her neighbor.
Her savior and her downfall.

Theirs is a love that was never supposed to happen—but when it does, it unleashes secrets that could destroy them both…and everything they hold dear.

Twisted Love is a contemporary brother’s best friend/grumpy sunshine romance. It’s book one in the Twisted series but can be read as a standalone.

He has a heart of ice. But for her, he would burn the world. 

Although Ava Chen and Alex Volkov have known each other for years, he has always been distant and cold. But now that Ava’s brother has left, leaving him in charge of her protection, Alex seems a little less indifferent… And their relationship, little by little, grows closer, until they come to trust each other with their secrets and deeper traumas… Her mother tried to drown her in a fit of madness; while Alex witnessed the brutal murder of his entire family.

After sharing their most intimate thoughts, their relationship will take a turn. They can’t deny that there is a strong attraction between them, but neither of them dares to step forward. Finally, Ava admits the passion that is brewing, and though Alex tries to resist as long as he can, the sparks do fly… and start a blazing fire. However, when everything began to work between them, some surprising revelations about the truth of their past will dynamite their relationship and put their own lives at risk.

«One of my best reads of the year. The chemistry between the protagonists is brutal, very addictive and explicit. You have to meet Alex Volkov and the ice heart of him! » kay_entreletras

▷ Twisted love pdf download

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