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▷ What is WildFit? Fantastic Diet July 2022

What is WildFit?

Wildfit is a 3-month long health program created by Eric Edmeades. It’s available on Mindvalley and focuses on effortless weight loss through “food freedom”.

In this program:

  • There’s no exercise involved, only breathwork techniques
  • Daily challenges and tasks to gradually ease you into a healthier diet
  • A community to get involved in for support, as well as expert nutritional advice

WildFit is built around the principle that a natural diet does exist. We all have certain nutritional requirements that need to be met.

When we meet these standard requirements, our bodies can operate more optimally — with us looking and feeling better in the process.

When I started the process, I couldn’t imagine ever willingly choosing a carrot stick over a slice of cake (who in their right mind would?).

But it’s exactly these “habits” we pick up that WildFit targets, using nutritional science and behavioral psychology.

Rather than just cutting out tons of foods, exercising more, and relying on sheer willpower, WildFit teaches you to be conscious about your relationship with food.

No more starving yourself, just making small changes to improve your health.

Who is Eric Edmeades?

In terms of his professional credentials, Eric Edmeades is an international speaker, author, and pioneer in the field of evolutionary biology and nutritional anthropology.

On a personal level, he spent much of his younger life dealing with excess weight, acne, chronic fatigue, as well as constant throat and sinus infections.

It wasn’t until he experimented with diet changes that he stumbled upon some magical results. Within one month of eating better, the physical ailments that had plagued him had all started to clear up.

He set out on a quest to live with bushmen in Africa, where he studied eating habits and combined what he observed with nutritional data and functional anthropology research. After years of study — WildFit emerged from an accumulation of everything he has discovered.

Why I wanted to try the Wildfit program

Like most people, I get the basics — eat “good stuff” and you’re healthier, eat “bad stuff” and you put on weight and don’t feel so great.

But after those widely accepted basics — plenty of fresh vegs, drinking lots of water, avoiding processed foods, etc — I’ve always found the wellness industry is a total minefield of conflicting advice.

But I had committed myself to focus on my diet and health.

So instead of going around in circles with the plethora of online advice, I decided to commit to one program and embrace it — WildFit

I knew enough to know that the food I ate impacted my mood, productivity, and overall energy for life. 

And I was tired of quick fixes and fad diets.

So what drew me to WildFit was the undoing of negative food habits that most of us have built up over time. I’m a big believer in hitting issues at the root, rather than only addressing the symptoms of the problem.

I also liked that this wasn’t a one size fits all approach. I wanted to learn what my body needs on a personal level and not another blanket approach to health.

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